Enterprise Executive Program - Hong Kong


Enterprise Executive Program - Hong Kong

Course Dates:
21/08/2017 To 25/08/2017

USD $ 8500

Language of Instruction:

Whether designing the future of your existing business, initiating a response to sub-par business performance, or getting ready to accept new executive responsibilities, this program will challenge your assumptions to help you build a logical, complete and thoughtful process to successfully assess and capitalize on the opportunity ahead.  Creating a description of and deep understanding of the current business model provides a baseline starting point for understanding the business as it stands.  An evaluation of the current model will help to uncover both its strengths and shortcomings revealing opportunities for improvement.  You will then develop the business case that justifies the proposed changes to address these opportunities and describes your path toward successful implementation.

This program describes the overall process in detail, offers illustrations of complete models for businesses and business functions and provides you with an opportunity to work on an application of the ideas to a business or function of your choosing.  You will return to work with a better approach to addressing the key responsibilities of a business executive--understanding, critiquing and refining the way you and your company does business.


Michigan Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

Tel : +1 734 763 1000



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