Becoming Who You Really Are: How to Grow Yourself and Your Organization


Becoming Who You Really Are: How to Grow Yourself and Your Organization

Course Dates:
03/10/2022 To 17/02/2023

USD $ 350

Language of Instruction:


  • What would happen if leadership development was radically altered?
  • What if all your people spent 3-5 minutes a day for 100 days with a world class leadership coach who refused to tell them what to do?
  • What if everyone spent 3-5 more minutes imagining a better version of themselves?
  • What would happen if every manager, every employee became a leader?

How Does It Work? 4 Steps:

Reflect. Each story is followed by 2 simple questions.  You post your answers to your online community.

Consolidate. Each week you consolidate - squeeze the learning of each day into a single statement of learning for the week. 

Transform: You share successes and transform each member of your learning community with aspiration.  As you do you turn individual leadership development into organizational change.

Results: After 100 days of this process, you and your team will have ingrained new perspectives, new practices, and new habits of interaction with colleagues, friends and family that will transform your life, transform your relationships, and transform the impact you have on others.

Michigan Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

Tel : +1 734 763 1000



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