Management Skills for New Managers


Management Skills for New Managers - London

Course Dates:
06/12/2017 To 08/12/2017

EUR € 2950

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Gain the core skills you need to succeed!

Are you a new manager? Do you want to learn the key skills that every manager needs? How can you grow in your role and your career?

You are a new manager in your company or you are stepping into a new management role. How can you lead your projects and motivate your team to achieve your goals and get things done in time? How do you communicate to your different stakeholders? How can you progress in your career?

This programme will teach you how to manage people and gives you the skills you need to move from being an individual contributor to a well-respected manager who can achieve team success and drive bottom-line performance.  

Using guided role play, exercises and practice sessions, you will discover how to adjust your management style and tackle new challenges. In-depth management skills practice combined with interactive activities take you through the paces of motivation, delegation, coaching, communication, performance management and leadership.
You will be able to improve on key weakness areas, play to your strengths and get the best results from every member of your team.

Management Centre Europe (MCE)

Tel : +32/2/543.21.20



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