Interacting with Others to Get Things Done


Interacting with Others to Get Things Done - Brussels

Course Dates:
19/02/2018 To 21/02/2018

EUR € 3450

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Discover how you can develop productive and fruitful professional relationships with all kind of personalities and achieve outstanding business results! You can have the best technical skills, you can have the right management structures and systems in place, but you still might have trouble getting others collaborate with you. This is a challenging situation that generates a lot of frustration and wastes your energy and precious time. You cannot achieve your targets, you may even feel exhausted and stuck!

This is simply because you have problems with your interpersonal relationships!

In today’s multicultural environment it can be impossible to get things done without having strong relationships and an effective network!

Whether the problem sits with you or if the people you deal with are particularly difficult, there is something you can do about it: You can dramatically improve your own interpersonal effectiveness to make a bridge between you, your colleagues, your direct reports or your bosses, or anyone with whom you are having trouble.

If relationship chemistry is at the root of challenges in your job, this workshop will help you improve your working relationships, trust and credibility. You will also learn how to become more flexible by adapting to changes and keep your motivation high. 

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