Getting Results without Authority


Getting Results without Authority - London

Course Dates:
06/12/2017 To 08/12/2017

EUR € 2950

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Learn how to be persuasive and get the results you’re looking for without authority.

Whether you’re dealing with bosses, colleagues, staff members or senior management, the ability to win respect, influence people and cultivate cooperation is absolutely essential to career success. Because the people with whom you interact in business can change on a moment’s notice,. The ability to be persuasive in business and work with anyone to achieve desired results is crucial—especially when you don’t have immediate authority to command their cooperation. In this persuasive skills training, you’ll focus on the key elements of influencing others when there is lack of authority—personal power, persuasion and negotiation. 

Learn how to influence people by building your power base using the Personal Power Model…understand exchange and reciprocity (the first steps in the influence process) …adapt communication style to build credibility…persuade with a framework of discovery, preparation and dialogue…master the key components of negotiation. 

You’ll practice persuasive communication and other influencing techniques right from day one through the final activity on day three of this information-packed programme—and enhance your learning with videos, exercises, assessment tools and group discussions.

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