Communication and Influence for Executive Assistants


Communication and Influence for Executive Assistants - Barcelona

Course Dates:
24/07/2017 To 26/07/2017

EUR € 1960

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How often do you feel overwhelmed with the amount of work on your ‘to do list’? This situation gets even worse when you are reporting to several bosses. How are you managing their priorities? Are the instructions clear enough and assignments in line with strategic goals? Do you have the right negotiation skills to handle all these demands piling up on your desk? How do you manage misunderstandings and conflicts when work delivered doesn’t totally meet expectations or priority? How confident are you to say no when faced with conflicting assignments? Do you have the right soft skills to adapt to various communication styles and interface with others to move your work forward? If you want to get things done and support your senior management objectives, technical skills alone will not help. You need to develop your “soft skills” to communicate and influence others and make sure you and your boss are a successful team that achieves results. You as an Executive Assistant play a vital role in your organization. By developing your business knowledge and skills you not only add further value to your boss and peers, but maximize your career potential. This 3 day programme will help you gain self-awareness, develop emotional intelligence, improve personal openness and handle conflict to stay committed to your personal development and the success of your boss.

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