Social Entrepreneurship Programme


Social Entrepreneurship Programme

Course Dates:
12/11/2017 To 17/11/2017

EUR € 4700

Language of Instruction:

Social entrepreneurship and impact business is a fast-growing movement that uses the tools of business to create positive sustainable results for society at every level. By developing and deploying innovative solutions to neglected societal problems, the leaders behind this approach are committed to improving our communities and the world in which we live.

More than a decade of work on social entrepreneurship has demonstrated that the growth of high-impact social ventures arises not in isolation, but in collaboration with companies, investors and an engaged public sector, all of whom strive to create a sustainable positive difference.

The INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Programme brings INSEAD’s strength as a global business education leader to this dynamic field. Since being launched in 2006, it has set the standard for top-tier impact business education.

The one-week programme combines cutting-edge theory and practice integrated with the deep academic knowledge of INSEAD faculty and insights from expert practitioners. It focuses on the business skills and frameworks that will help entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and investors grow their ventures to scale and maximise their impact. The discussion of case studies, many of which have been developed by INSEAD faculty, provides a platform to analyse the uniquely complex issues and challenges impact business leaders face.

The INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Programme continues to add value after the week-long programme. Graduates form a dynamic community of high-level impact business, sustainability and social enterprise leaders. Numbering more than 500 in nearly 80 countries, this network remains engaged through online collaboration, regular meetings and support. This exchange of ideas, innovations and experiences serve as a foundation for further research and understanding of the field, which benefits participants – past, present and future.




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