M&As and Corporate Strategy


M&As and Corporate Strategy

Course Dates:
18/11/2019 To 22/11/2019

EUR € 8500

Language of Instruction:

Developing and managing a successful portfolio of businesses requires taking the right path to acquire, redeploy or divest resources and capabilities. Whether that means a merger, an acquisition, an alliance, a licensing contract, a divestment or internal development, it is imperative to understand the pros and cons of each path and to learn which is most appropriate for a successful corporate strategy.

The M&As and Corporate Strategy Programme, has been designed by INSEAD faculty based on their most recent research and teaching innovations. It uses case studies developed at INSEAD that feature real-world examples of portfolio growth and restructuring, as well as value-creating and value-destroying, M&As and divestitures. These are sourced from a range of industries that include financial services, telecommunications, packaging, chemicals and manufacturing.

Mapping the path to optimise your portfolio of businesses is a challenging task. With help from INSEAD faculty and a select group of peers, you will undertake a learning journey to explore three critical questions:
— What is the right composition of your portfolio of businesses to provide the set of resources and capabilities your company needs to create value?
— How to select the right mix of internal and external corporate development tools to manage your business portfolio?
— How to develop a rigorous, holistic approach to successfully manage M&As and divestitures to strategically supplement your internal development and restructuring efforts? 



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