LEAP: Leadership Excellent through Awareness and Practice


LEAP: Leadership Excellent through Awareness and Practice

Course Dates:
28/05/2018 To 22/06/2018

SGD $ 58560

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The life of senior executives was never easy; being responsible for the success of an organisation and the job of its members always involved a significant amount of responsibilities. But the business world of the 21st century has become considerably more competitive, intense and unpredictable, making the jobs and the lives of today’s senior executives extremely challenging.

And the question is: how do senior executives recharge? How do they take a step back to think about their objectives? To consider where they have been and where they would like to go next? To reflect on the leader they have become, and the effects they are having on themselves, on their professional ecosystem and on their family? To decide on the leader they would like to become, the purpose they want to pursue and the legacy they want to develop? To identify the strengths they can leverage and the hurdles they may have to overcome in order to get closer to this 'better version of themselves'?

We created the LEAP: Leadership Excellence through Awareness and Practice programme to give senior executives an opportunity to work on these questions. We then gave it a unique design to ensure that the LEAP journey not only adds knowledge but also increases executives' capabilities. LEAP participants leave the programme with new ideas, of course, but more importantly the programme's nine-month journey gives them an opportunity to embed their new insights into their professional and private lives.




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