Leading Teams for Growth and Change - Program Overview


Leading Teams for Growth and Change

Course Dates:
07/06/2021 To 11/06/2021

USD $ 8200

Language of Instruction:

Propel your team to championship results, even in challenging conditions. InLeading Teams for Growth and Change, you'll become a more sensitive and powerful leader through self-diagnosis, expert change management strategies, peer workshops and daily sweep rowing experiences led by Olympic rower Dan Lyons.

Take control of your teams and organizational success by working from the inside out. In the classroom and on the water, you'll develop the skills that foster a winning team culture. Half of your time will be spent on case study analysis, small group discussions and role-playing exercises to help you learn the tenets of inspiring leadership. You'll diagnose and solve issues of team dynamics before putting your new skills to work. Every morning, you'll get your feet - and hands, arms and legs - wet in the Rivanna Reservoir as you row, and ultimately compete, a full racing shell with a group of your peers. Led by world champion Dan Lyons, you'll discover first-hand how the quality of a team's response depends on its leader's direction. You'll listen, adjust and sweat your way to a new level of leadership style - and a life-long respect for the power of effective collaboration.




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