Supply Chain Management Programme - Program Overview


Supply Chain Management Programme

Course Dates:
20/03/2023 To 24/03/2023

GBP £ 6250

Language of Instruction:

Enhance your organisation's Supply Chain by managing and understanding the increasing volatile and complex environment with logistics and competitive strategies.

Supply chain management is becoming increasingly important for organisations and, at the same time, more and more challenging for the individuals responsible. Globalisation is leading to lengthening supply chains, often associated with greater vulnerability to interruptions and delays. 

This programme led by award winning faculty Professor Richard Wilding OBE and Professor Martin Christopher delivers you the latest thinking in supply chain management, support with the issues that occur in the current dynamic environment and will increase your confidence and ability to manage complex issues within your organisation.

What you will learn

Taking advantage of Cranfield’s proud research led heritage in this area, the Supply Chain Management programme is the only course of its type in the UK and Europe that gives you the very latest knowledge, tools, methods, strategies and solutions to manage your supply chain in the Industry 4.0 Digital era.

Of critical importance, the programme enables you to apply the latest thinking in Supply Chain essentials in order to leverage the new technologies thrusted upon the Supply Chain executive.

You will gain:

  • Understanding of Industry 4.0 - The digital Era - and how to leverage transformative technology into your supply chain operations.
    • How technology such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, robotics and 3D printing are reshaping your supply chain.
  • Insight into global megatrends and their impact on supply chains
    • Supply Chain 4.0 - Opportunities and implications with an increasingly connected society
  • Knowledge of how to map the Supply Chain - applying our time based strategy approach to add value to your organisation
  • Optimisation of your agile supply chain methods to increase resilience
  • Smarter supply chain capabilities to compete
  • Ability to improve customer satisfaction and maximise profit potential: Inventory management, demand planning and customer profitability analysis
  • Strategic approaches to sustainable supply chain management

Your organisation will gain:

  • Improved supply chain performance to deliver value to your business.
  • Better understanding of the elements vital for effective supply chain management.
  • Immediate business impact through the creation of an action plan that leverages your supply chain for competitive advantage.
  • Supply chain efficiency leading to improved financial performance.
  • The capability to deliver an innovative supply chain culture.
  • Improved ability to articulate the business vision to your external supply chain partners.

Core content

Running for the past 20 years, the Supply Chain Management Programme is a five-day residential event at Cranfield School of Management.

Recognised for his outstanding contribution to logistics and supply chain management, the Programme is led by Professor Richard Wilding OBE. Richard will be supported by an award winning faculty who provide internationally recognised supply chain research that guides you through the key elements of supply chain leadership including planning, sourcing, making, delivering and solving challenges that occur across supply chains.

The programme is delivered through talks and facilitated sessions from our experts. You will take part in supply chain simulations that give you the opportunity to practice and rehearse your responses and make decisions based on knowledge gained from the programme.

Programme details

In short, you gain a holistic view of your supply chain. You will be able to strategically analyse your supply chain with greater confidence and ability to better deal with its complexities such as working simultaneously with both your customer and supplier to increase efficiency and performance.

Furthermore, you'll be able to use our faculty and peer network to support a supply chain improvement project for your own business, directly benefiting from the cost savings that you yield.

As the number one business school for Supply Chain Management outside the USA for influence and innovation according to Gartner/SCM World 2016, at Cranfield we are confident that there is no other institution in the UK & Europe that knows more and does more to help boost the effectiveness of supply chains in the digital era.

Fundamentally, our Supply Chain Management Programme ensures you:

  • Drive growth
  • Increase business value
  • Manage risk
  • Boost collaboration across your supply chain
  • Drive sustainability goals
  • Successfully address demand uncertainty
  • Boost customer centricity

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