Supply Chain Coordination Toolbox - Program Overview


Supply Chain Coordination Toolbox

Course Dates:
12/12/2017 To 14/12/2017

GBP £ 2550

Language of Instruction:

Strengthen your ability to design and manage a coordinated supply chain for your organisation; through knowledge and experience of advanced planning tools and techniques.

Year on year Supply chains become longer and more complicated. Market volatility makes predicting and meeting customer demand more challenging, as the supply chain from which this demand must be met lengthens and expands due to globalisation.  For an organisation to be successful coordination of the multifaceted functions is essential, and increasingly the use of sophisticated tools and techniques are essential to achieve this.

This programme will enhance your skill set by developing your ability to use some of the key tools and techniques essential for the design and management of a coordinated supply chain on both strategic and operational levels. You will be introduced to a range of tools and techniques, which are powerful routes to achieving supply chain coordination. The concepts and the theory behind these tools will be demonstrated by our experienced faculty. You will then have the opportunity to  gain hands on experience of using the tools to solve  case study examples based on real world company problems. These interactive practical sessions will allow you to appreciate for yourself the potential power of adopting planning and coordination tools within your organisation.



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