Storytelling for Business - Program Overview


Storytelling for Business

Course Dates:
30/11/2017 To 30/11/2017

GBP £ 895

Language of Instruction:

Do you want to be more effective, compelling and influential when it comes to presenting? If so, then you need to harness the power of storytelling for business. 

Stories unite us. They can engage, enthuse and motivate. That’s why storytelling is a proven technique used by people like John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King.

Storytelling is much more than telling a good tale – it can give you a critical edge by creating a strong emotional connection. As a result storytelling for business is becoming a key business competency whether you want to communicate your vision to employees, gain influence with your stakeholders, close a deal, or encourage people to connect with your brand, product or services.

Great speakers are experts at creating messages that are more memorable and stay in their audiences’ minds through a story. This learnable skill helps you uncover more opportunities by capturing people’s attention and making you and your message more memorable.

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