Retreat for Senior Leaders - Program Overview


Retreat for Senior Leaders

Course Dates:
19/06/2018 To 20/06/2018

GBP £ 2900

Language of Instruction:

Complex work environments, changing ‘normals’, 24/7/365 connectedness, growing and often blurred responsibilities, tightening resources, and the need to stay agile and adaptable within a climate of economic and political uncertainty makes leading at our best more difficult than ever. Everyone is looking to you for answers. Who do you look to?

Employee burnout is on the rise due to stress and anxiety, but you can refresh and refocus while increasing your personal resilience.

Cranfield's Retreat for Senior Leaders gives you a ‘space’ to deal with personal and business challenges. You will get insights into habitual ways of working that hold individuals and organisations in stasis, and practical ways to solve problems and make decisions in high-pressure situations. You will also improve your ability to relate to others in teams and across your organisation and as a result you will uncover more opportunities, become more resilient, and lead more sustainably.

Cranfield is at the forefront of the scientific enquiry into mindful leadership practice; what works and how, plus how it can benefit individuals and organisations. Our extensive research programmes embedded in a variety of organisations suggest that mindfulness helps leaders better manage and deal with stressful and uncertain situations, using pragmatic tools and techniques we will help you tailor your practices for your own organisation and its culture.

When these practices are developed in such a context-specific way, leaders become more adept at managing the relationship with themselves and those around them because they are able to deal with tensions, uncertainty or conflict productively. It also helps you create balance in your work life, protect against illness and prevent burn-out. 

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