People Strategy Workshop


People Strategy Workshop

Course Dates:
30/04/2019 To 02/05/2019

GBP £ 3990

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Create a highly effective outline strategy to maximise the returns on your people.

It’s a daunting new world for the HR Leader:

We are experiencing a period of unprecedented change. Consider this emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, block chain and workforce automation against a background of Brexit, the multigenerational workforce and economic uncertainty. Then there are additional pressures related to productivity, workforce mobility and the need for agility and flexibility. All are key issues that will shape work and the workplace – and thus, the way that we manage people - in the coming years.

Against this backdrop, existing people strategies might not be successful in addressing and benefiting from these issues and supporting the competitive advantage for the organisation.

At the same time there is a view that HR leaders struggle to create additional business value, because he/she is ‘boxed’ into transactional and administrative work, at the expense of maximising a strategic Return on People Assets.

Forward thinking HR practitioners know that shaping an effective people strategy requires an understanding of strategic management, organisational transformation and the generation and measurement of business value.

Drawing from state of the art research, the People Strategy Workshop walks you through a rigorous and tailored process for creating an outline people strategy that ensures your business goals are met, while also developing your understanding of these areas.

What you will learn

  • Translate business-level objectives into an effective people strategy
  • Understand cutting edge trends in HR and their potential impact on your organisation:  people analytics, emerging technologies – artificial intelligence, wearables in people management, machine learning, data driven HR practices, Block chain etc.
  • Discover how to create conditions that get the best out of your people
  • Learn to connect employee engagement and capability with customer loyalty and business profitability
  • Link HR Metrics to Business Performance
  • Gain a deep understanding of your business strategy, internal environment and the changing external context and how these combined forces impact on your operation.  

Discussions could cover:

  • Emerging technologies
  • Multigenerational workforce
  • Changing workforce demographics
  • Workforce flexibility and agility
  • Productivity.

Core content

Created specifically for HR Leaders and General Managers (or anyone else responsible for creating a people strategy), to our knowledge, this workshop is the only in the UK that draws on multi-disciplinary world class expertise of faculty specialising in the Changing World of Work, Strategic Management, Business Performance, Human Resource Management, Organisational Behaviour and a cross industry cohort to help you create a tailored outline people strategy for your organisation.

  • This workshop follows the Cranfield process for creating and joining up a world class people strategy to your business strategy.
  • There will be a pre-programme interview session with a faculty member to tailor the programme to your requirements. 


Day 1 – The Challenge

  • Where does the business want to go? Business vision, mission and strategy
  • What are the people/HR requirements in order to support the business vision/strategy?
  • Where are we now and what do we need to change in order to achieve this – gap analysis
  • What is the external environment in which we are operating? How is this changing? 
  • How equipped are we to deal with this?

Day 2 - Developing the strategy

  • Creating an HR strategy
  • Creating the ideal workforce
  • Talent acquisition and retention
  • Diversity
  • HR operating models
  • HR structure and role
  • International HRM structures
  • Dinner and speaker: Technology as a facilitator of HR strategy

Day 3 - Managing organisational transformation

  • Changing the organisational culture
  • HR as internal consultant
  • Case study of organisational transformation
  • Evaluating HRM
  • ROI and value
  • HR analytics
  • Action planning


  • Convert leading-edge people management insights into practice – this is critical for boosting the credibility of your function
  • Easily demonstrate the increased business value that your HR function has created to the board and thus improve your influence throughout your organisation
  • Get your key issues addressed - the workshop can be tailored around your own business requirements
  • Potential transformation of your HR function into a strategic asset - the outline people strategy that you create would represent a leap forward for innovating your HR operating model and HR activities to more easily meet your business objectives
  • Invest in realising people / business outcomes not activities
  • Drive innovation within your HR function by learning how to apply the latest advances and emerging technologies in human resource management (e.g. artificial intelligence, automation, data analytics etc.) to enhance your people strategy
  • Improved confidence to implement breakthrough ideas that deliver your people strategy and the resulting organisational transformation that arise from it

At the end of this workshop, you will leave with the following outcomes:

  • Outline of a (new or refined) people strategy

An initial implementation and evaluation plan – clear steps for translating strategy into action.

Cranfield School of Management

Tel : 01234 754500



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