Leading Procurement Strategy Programme - Program Overview


Leading Procurement Strategy Programme

Course Dates:
26/06/2019 To 28/06/2019

GBP £ 3590

Language of Instruction:

Procurement expertise and professional practice is transforming business models. In some sectors, procurement spend accounts for more than 50% of all costs and is central to profitability. Procurement however is much more than a simple concern for cost, it is also about value creation and as a function is becoming a key shaper of business success. Read less

So as a procurement professional, how do you build strategic value in your organisation? 

Our Leading Procurement Strategy Programme co-developed and co-delivered by Cranfield School of Management and the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) will provide you with current thinking to:

    • Help build customer value whilst implementing an effective cost management strategy.
    • Build your personal effectiveness as a procurement leader and that of your team.
    • Win support from key stakeholders so that you are able to influence change.
    • Foster effective supply chain collaboration and open the doors to financial and the reputational benefits that come with it.
    • Be creative in responsible sourcing of products and services.

What you will learn

You will:

  • A clear understanding of the impact of procurement on competitive advantage.
  • Increased ability and confidence in influencing, managing and motivating teams responsible for procurement.
  • Skills to manage and mitigate risks in your supply chain.
  • Access to Cranfield’s recent research in product and service acquisition.

Your Organisation will gain the capability to:

  • Alignment of your procurement and business strategies to support sustained growth.
  • Ownership of powerful models for acquiring products and services.
  • More productive relationships with suppliers through collaboration and partnering.
  • Best practice embedded in strategic cost management to achieve real organisational savings.
  • Closer alignment with ethical issues in procurement.
  • Greater level of innovation and new product/service development from a procurement perspective.
  • Improved capability to overcome the challenges and common consequences of business process outsourcing.
  • Enhanced competencies for commissioning complex products and services.

Core content

This is a three-day residential programme taking place at Cranfield School of Management. 

Taught by our expert faculty, you will benefit from a combination of theory and real-world practical sessions that can be easily applied to your organisation. Group work will be featured throughout the programme, giving you the opportunity to share diverse ideas and success methods used by your peers across a range of sectors.

You will address the core theories and models to better understand strategic procurement practices and the link between its performance and competitive advantage.

The programme is designed to provide the skills, knowledge and tools to lead procurement teams in both public and private organisations. You gain the ability to bring the procurement agenda to the highest levels in your organisation.

Learn to:

  • Develop your capability to uncover true costs when procuring a product or service.
  • Develop your capability to procure a product or service that supports growth.
  • Ensure your organisation operates at greater levels of efficiency.
  • Clearly understand strategic cost management.
  • Appreciate globalisation and the risk that it presents in your procurement performance.
  • Strategically manage collaboration and partnerships.
  • Effectively lead and innovate a sustainable procurement function.

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