Impact and Influence - Program Overview


Impact and Influence

Course Dates:
09/06/2022 To 10/06/2022

GBP £ 2400

Language of Instruction:

Our December 2021 iteration of Impact and Influence programme is currently full. If you are interested and would like to be added to our waiting list, please contact us on

As you begin to manage at a higher level in organisations, your everyday personal presence becomes ever more significant and important.

Being able to consciously create and sustain a positive, powerful impression from the moment you enter a room is the starting point for generating influence. By heightening your credibility you will receive more confidence in you as a person, greater commitment to your views and stronger engagement with your ideas: long after you have left the room.

This programme is designed to lift you out of your day-to-day default style of personal ‘performance’ and instead develop your skills in operating in a zone of high impact and influence. Using the range of environments and contexts in which you operate as a starting point, we will give you tools, strategies and methods for increasing your presence and level of engagement with others.

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