Maximizing Your Leadership Potential - Program Overview


Maximizing Your Leadership Potential

Course Dates:
22/04/2024 To 24/04/2024

EUR € 3900

Language of Instruction:

Support First-Level Managers With Training That Transforms Leadership Potential

Making the shift from successful individual contributor to effective manager is a difficult transition — some say the hardest shift for any leader to make — and getting the best performance from others can be an ongoing challenge.

Certain changes come with increased responsibility. Successful first-level managers know how to shift their mindset and their role, depending on the task at hand. Sometimes you need to be a player, sometimes a coach.

Our first-level manager training is ideal for managers of people and projects, supervisors of individual contributors, and first-level leaders who are preparing to advance.

What Participants Learn in Our First-Level Manager Training Course

As a result of participating in this training for first-level leaders, participants will be able to:

  • Understand how personal strengths and weaknesses affect their team leadership;
  • Align intentions with impact to become more effective communicators;
  • Deliver constructive feedback and hold performance conversations;
  • Collaborate with, and truly listen to understand, others;
  • Use a variety of influencing styles and tactics;
  • Manage conflict and resistance; and
  • Facilitate better conversations and become better at coaching others.

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