Supply Chains in the “New Normal”: A Framework for the Future – Live Online


Supply Chains in the “New Normal”: A Framework for the Future – Live Online

Course Dates:
22/03/2021 To 26/03/2021

GBP £ 1875

Language of Instruction:

Supply chain management has become one of the key drivers of competitiveness for many companies. The current crisis has highlighted the complexity and challenges of managing global supply chains, with many companies (re)discovering their dependencies on multiple layers of suppliers. Many of the accepted ‘rules’ of managing global supply chains seemingly being rewritten in the space of a few months, and mastering supply chain management is squarely on the agenda of top management.

The programme will help participants address this challenge of adapting their supply chains for this new normal. Topics include: how to align supply chains with business strategy; how to coordinate and integrate product and information flows in the presence of uncertainty; building supply chain resilience in a post-crisis world; and the emerging role of digital technologies for supply chains.

The objective of the programme is to introduce participants to the key concepts, frameworks, and practices for managing global supply chains. The teaching will be complemented with use of a simulation, guest speakers, and case studies.

Cambridge Judge Business School, Executive Education

Tel : +44 (0) 1223 766816



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