Leading Healthcare Organisations


Leading Healthcare Organisations

Course Dates:
21/11/2018 To 23/11/2018

GBP £ 2995

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Healthcare organisations around the world are under immense pressure. Demands are rising, patient expectations are changing rapidly, costs are soaring and profits are dwindling. As a consequence, leaders feel under ever increasing pressure to focus on the short term, making decisions with an eye firmly on their effects on next year’s financial performance. This behaviour is understandable – but it is ineffective in the long run and does not help create the sustainable organisations that we need to provide the healthcare of the future. What is required is a healthy balance between necessary short-term fixes and a long-term strategic imperative, a compelling vision and execution strategy that allows leaders to make and communicate decisions that are aligned over time and build up to a sustainable solution. This programme will provide you with a framework for strategising that is particularly apt for healthcare organisations, and then guide you through the development of an outline strategy for your organisation, drawing on experiences of different types of healthcare organisations from around the world. Through this practical hands-on approach, you will be enabled to go back to your organisation, assemble an appropriate team, and develop a strategic vision and execution strategy.


Strategy and vision

* What does strategy mean for healthcare organisations? 

* Developing a vision for your organisation and an execution strategy

People management

Engaging your people and developing and delivering a people strategy for your organisation

* Leading beyond authority

The environment

* Understanding the changing external environment and the internal challenges and capabilities of your organisation

* Smart negotiation

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