International Investment Law & Arbitration


International Investment Law & Arbitration

Course Dates:
17/09/2018 To 21/10/2018

GBP £ 3500

Language of Instruction:

International investment law has become a major area of international dispute settlement. Whether it be for lawyers in private practice, in government departments, or in-house counsel, a good understanding of the building blocks of international investment law and how it is embedded in general international law is becoming increasingly important. Investment arbitration raises challenges distinct from those raised in other forms international dispute settlement, including complex questions of how to value assets and how to develop and position an arbitration practice in a highly competitive arbitration market. At the end of this five-day programme, you will be equipped with thorough background in the substantive, procedural and strategic aspects of bringing or defending an investment arbitration claim. The programme This programme provides an advanced introduction to international investment law in the

context of public international law and practice. This joint programme offers the opportunity to learn from Cambridge law and Cambridge Judge Business School faculty, as well as leading practitioners drawn from leading law firms and barristers’ chambers. It is designed both for junior practitioners who are developing a practice in international investment law and for more senior lawyers who wish to re-orient themselves to investment arbitration. Participants will receive a certificate of attendance on successful completion of the programme.


* State responsibility, including attribution, defences and carve-outs

* Treaty interpretation: the VCLT framework and specificities in investment arbitration

* Strategy for your arbitration practice

* Jurisdiction and admissibility

* Expropriation

* Non-discrimination and fair and equitable treatment

* Advocacy

* Evidence (admissibility, relevance and materiality, burdens and standards of proof)

* Control mechanisms (challenge, nullity, recognition, enforcement)

* How finance professionals value assets and companies

* The challenge of diversity in international arbitration

* Recent developments

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