Dealing with Disruption: Strategies & Business Models


Dealing with Disruption: Strategies & Business Models

Course Dates:
01/11/2021 To 02/11/2021

GBP £ 2500

Language of Instruction:

Building and managing a successful business has become increasingly challenging by changes in technology, society, markets and consumer expectations. A firm can no longer rely merely on product and service innovations. It needs to change its business model to survive and succeed. But how do you assess, create or revitalise business models for your organisation? 

While developing good business models is essential to success, many of us continue to confuse business models with strategy. In this case, we not only teach how business models and strategies complement each other, but also go in-depth into the creation, maintenance and renewal of business models.

This interactive programme will address a range of issues including how to identify your customers, configure resources that you have access to, balance subsidy vs revenue sides of models, transition existing customers to new models, as well as examining how all these pieces fit together. We will share examples drawn from world-leading research conducted at Cambridge Judge Business School, where unique frameworks have been developed to help companies to define and build sound business models to compete and thrive in the fast changing landscape.

This programme fills the crucial gap that is left by courses on strategy and innovation. We use multiple pedagogical techniques and hands-on exercises to make participants experts in business model creation and implementation. 


  • Why talk about business models?
  • What is a business model?
  • The 'three Vs' of a business model
  • Communicating and implementing a business model
  • Evaluating and selecting new business models
  • Different markets, different challenges: business models in emerging and bottom-of-pyramid markets
  • Aligning business models and management models
  • Shifting business models successfully

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