Cambridge Making Innovation Happen Programme


Cambridge Making Innovation Happen Programme

Course Dates:
02/12/2018 To 07/12/2018

GBP £ 7194

Language of Instruction:

Leading and sustaining competitive advantage

Maintaining competitive advantage is key to the ongoing success of any business. In the current climate, innovation can no longer be considered the remit of CEOs or senior management – it must be looked upon as a broader capability that is encouraged and instilled throughout an organisation.  

Innovation comes in many forms, from business models to new products and basic technology development. What is key for organisations is to foster an environment that supports innovative thinking, developing a wider ecosystem that broadens the input and capability of the business. 

This five-day programme is designed for senior executives to consider all the activities required to elevate innovation as a core organisational management capability; to create a culture that innovates consistently, systematically and with tangible results. At the end of the five days, participants leave with a clear action plan of how to take the next steps in driving this innovative management capability within their own organisations.

The Cambridge advantage

Cambridge offers the opportunity to have the reflection that comes with an 800-year old history, as well as exposure to the leading edge of innovation and high-tech thinking with over 1,500 science and technology companies in the surrounding area dubbed ‘silicon fen’.


  • Unleashing innovation across the organisation.
  • What is innovation? What types of innovation does your own organisation lack?
  • Creativity at the heart of innovation. Creativity beyond art. Enabling a context that fosters organisational creativity.
  • Enabling organisational idea generation - the "innovation supply chain" and barriers to destructive innovation.
  • Selection of the right ideas to drive innovation through the business.
  • Innovation projects and action operational principles.
  • Bringing innovative ideas to reality. Flexible innovation processes and generating innovation successes in your organisation.
  • Stakeholder engagement to ensure the delivery of your value through innovative ideas and projects.

Innovation in ecosystems; innovating beyond the boundaries of your organisation.

Cambridge Judge Business School, Executive Education

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