IMD - Executive MBA

IMD - Executive MBA

Looking for the best Executive MBA to transform your career? Prepare your future now.

Fact file:


Average Age:
40 years

Level of Experience:
14 years

15 months

Next Start Date:

Application Deadline:

CHF 105,000

Executive coaching to prepare for the future you want 

You can take your global Executive MBA in 15 months or spread your learning over a longer period of time depending on your work commitments. Whatever pace of learning you choose, you will only be away from the office for 9 weeks.

Business themes run across the entire Executive MBA program and are addressed through different angles as your knowledge and experience grow.

You apply what you learn at each step through company assignments, the leadership stream, discovery expeditions and a crisis management simulation.

Discover our top Executive MBA which gives you maximum flexibility to learn while you work:

  • Total 9 weeks out of office across 15+ months
  • Distance learning + face-to-face modules in key international locations
  • 4 intakes per year
  • Immediate application to your company
  • Executive career management & coaching

Step 1 - Foundations for Business Leadership (FBL)

You start off your learning journey by joining us on campus at IMD for 20 days of accelerated Executive coaching. Away from the distractions of your daily work environment, we intensely focus on all the essential cross-functional skills that leaders must possess to be a general manager, and help you to integrate these skills into your business as a whole.

Step 2 - Advanced Management Concepts (AMC)

This 5-week distance Executive coaching module goes deeper into the topics you cover during FBL and prepares you for the rigor and execution focus of the mastery stage. Through independent study, reading and learning materials, you also develop your ability to manage your time via distance learning, an important skill to acquire for the remainder of the Executive MBA program.

Streams (4):  strategy, finance, marketing, decision analysis & critical thinking

An average workload of 20 hours per week is estimated, which allows you to meet your professional commitments in parallel. You may study a few hours each day, or decide to focus your learning time in the weekends - finding your own rhythm. IMD provides you suggested study plans and supports your distance learning through online platforms, but it is not necessary to "log-in" every day. 

Step 3 - Mastery stage

Your focus now shifts to mastering the execution of your new skills at the organizational, individual and global level. This 12-months Global Executive MBA journey combines 6 face-to-face modules with distance learning in between.

  • Apply concepts to the reality of your organization – Company assignments
  • Become a more reflective, self-aware and strategic leader  – Leadership stream
  • Gain expertise on business practices across the world – Discovery expeditions
  • Discover new career options – Executive career management module

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