Emlyon Business School - International MBA

Emlyon Business School - International MBA

Our International MBA help our participants live in a complex, uncertain world, and be capable of leading successful, principled change, anchored in solid values. A world class MBA needs to take into account these challenges and be able to manage the transformations that these challenges need.

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Average Age:
30 years

Level of Experience:
7 years

12 months

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This intensive full-time one-year programme is focused on helping you reach the professional goals you have set for yourself. Through a combined emphasis on entrepreneurship within the academic programme, the 9-month consulting project and the international diversity in student body and faculty, you will develop the skills you need to achieve success.

While enjoying a truly dynamic learning experience, you will remain in touch with the business world through our school’s worldwide professional and alumni network. If you are ready to take your career to the next level, then this is the right programme for you.

According to our participants, it is the strong focus on entrepreneurship, the 9-month consultancy project and the large diversity in student body and faculty that makes our full-time MBA programme uniquely suited to meet their needs.

Take your career to the next level and benefit from:

Please note that knowledge of the French language is not required.

Contact :
+33 (0)4 72 18 68 16

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