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The Shadow of the Leader Can Be Positive

The "Shadow of the Leader" can be used to open people’s minds - a short video with Prof Jim Stengel of UCLA Anderson


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In the days of ‘command and control’ when the CEO was typically seen as unapproachable and even as a source of fear, the Shadow of the Leader was used as way to get people to get things done.

Today people no longer respond to this approach. The new generation are unimpressed by status and hierarchy, but are excited by ideas and a culture that is democratized and enables their creative involvement.

Today the Shadow of the Leader can now be used in a positive way, according to Hyatt President & CEO Mark Hoplamazian, in an interview with UCLA Anderson School of Management’s Prof Jim Stengel. In this short video he reveals the better side of the Shadow of the Leader concept - how through authentic engagement it can be used to encourage openness, to be candid about and learn from failure, and to open people’s minds to new thinking:


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