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The Many Faces of an Executive MBA

Three emlyon alumni describe the reasons they embarked on an Executive MBA programme

Tuesday 23 January 2018


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An Executive MBA is renowned for providing ambitious individuals an opportunity to rapidly advance their corporate career. With the evolution of workplace culture and changing professional values, the tide is turning and the door is now open to a wider audience. At emlyon business school, individuals are choosing to embark on the MBA journey for a number of professional reasons, not just to climb the corporate ladder, with the programme allowing them to explore their own paths.

Christophe Lachambre joined the Executive MBA programme in 2011 and initially wanted to advance his position in the company he was working for. Throughout the programme he developed a surprising strong interest in entrepreneurship which completely changed his professional project. “The academic richness of the programme and the personal development boosted me up and I transitioned from being an employee to being an entrepreneur. I created my own start-up which started from my Individual Project during the programme and also the success stories that I saw from my class mates and the professors and speakers at emlyon business school.”

Peggy Kerjean, who completed the Executive MBA on the campus in Paris in 2017 worked for 16 years’ in a multi-national company and was interested in experiencing working for a start-up environment however, didn’t want to leave her company. She used the programme to learn how to innovate and generate ideas in small groups to then transition into a different position within her company. “This method of working is rich because it produces agility, creativity and increases your ability to manage diverse situations. We experience these developments like entrepreneurs all whilst working in a group. It is intrapreneruship!” She is now Project Director in her company, managing innovative projects across the board.

Despite these new profiles joining the Executive MBA community, the programme still rests an effective way to advance your career and participants are able to leverage the programme to grow professionally. Vincent Lagarrigue graduated in 2013, holding a position of Sales and Marketing Manager for a company in the manufacturing industry. With an engineering background, he was looking to move from an operational to a strategic position and be more comfortable with transversal subjects. “My position in my company evolved and I became more visible which led to taking on more responsibilities. Today I am the Director of a Small Business Unit and I am convinced that it was thanks to the Executive MBA programme that I evolved so quickly into this position.”

With different profiles using the programme to achieve their individual goals, the Executive MBA is constantly changing to adhere to everyone’s needs.

And you? Why do you want to join the Executive MBA programme?

"Jump all the way into this adventure! It is a human, personal and professional adventure. It requires some sacrifice but it is worth it in the end. Let yourselves be surprised and challenged, you will come out bigger, stronger and more credible." 
Vincent Lagarrigue (class of 2013)

"Believe in your potential and dare to become an entrepreneur either within your company or externally. What satisfaction and fulfillment you will have for not being subjected to an imposed professional direction."
Christophe Lachambre (class of 2013)

"When you sign up for an MBA you sign up for a new trajectory in life, both professionally and personally. MBA programs require a large monetary investment therefore you have to live it at 200%."
Peggy Kerjean (class of 2017)

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