The Innovator's Method [Chapter Download]
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The Innovator's Method [Chapter Download]

Create the innovative dynamism of a lean start-up in your organization

Saturday 25 March 2017


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Too often leaders and their teams come up with innovative ideas for developing or distributing products, providing customer service, or managing employees - but don't take action because they think it too risky or they just haven't known how to take the next step.

The authors of The Innovator's Method, professors Nathan Furr at INSEAD and Jeff Dyer at the Marriott School, Brigham Young University, address this problem. They offer uncertain, risk-wary, leaders a set of tools emerging from lean start-up, design thinking, and agile software development that are revolutionizing how new ideas are created, refined, and brought to market.

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These powerful tools systematically lower failure rates and risk, and provide a catalyst for innovation. But many organizations struggle to apply them as they often run counter to traditional managerial thinking and practice.

The Introduction opens with the story of a Netflix model for haute-couture fashion. This brilliant start-up provides a window into the innovator’s method – a process by which to test and validate a creative insight before investing time and resource – and shows how the uncertainty of innovation can be managed by moving skilfully from creative insight to problem to solution to business model to scaling it.

Chapter One opens with this quote from Intuit CEO Brad Smith: “How do we turn Intuit into an eight- thousand- person start- up?” and looks in detail at how ideas are generated and how the innovator's method can be applied in established businesses large and small.

Click on DOWNLOAD THIS RESOURCE above to read the Introduction and Chapter One from The Innovator's Method

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