The Future of Talent Development
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The Future of Talent Development

An important new White Paper by Sylvain Newton of Columbia Business School identifies three key areas for the future of the sector

Friday 05 January 2007


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"The dichotomy of the “Talent and Development” role ...being both an architect at the very heart of the change process and a subject affected by it, is a conundrum that requires new solutions."

Sylvain Newton is the People Sourcing and Development Leader at Allianz, an Advisor and Program Director at Columbia Business School Executive Education, and Executive Fellow at the Center for the Future of Organization from the Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management.

This new white paper on 'The Future of Talent Development' identifies three key areas of work for the talent development sector to map and progress from 'Solutions Providers' to the 'Architects of Sustainable Growth'.

Download the white paper to take a deep dive into these three key areas and their vital sub-themes:

1. Social
- Building Digital Literacy
- Mobile Performance Management
- Culture Shapers

2. Transparent
- Re: Work
- Leadership Dashboard
- Learning as the New Currency

3. Connected
- Smart Learning Paths
- Des-intermediating Content Providers
- HR Analytics

The paper contains 9 mini-cases of leading companies highlighting each dimension of the model.

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