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Leading with Ego and Eco Intelligence

Why leaders must find a balance between ‘ego’ and ‘eco’ intelligent leadership


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In this TEDx talk Kerrie Fleming introduces Hult's new research into ‘ego’ and ‘eco’ intelligent leadership – a leadership paradigm that if well understood can help build employee engagement. 

Ego intelligent leaders create working environments based on their own ideas and drive strategy implementation by strength of personal charisma.

Eco intelligent leaders, on the other hand, foster interconnected teams and while setting outline strategy leave their teams to determine how it is delivered.

Over the past decade eco has been on the rise as organizations adopt more collaborative leadership styles and encourage independent autonomous teams. However, in the era of Brexit and Donald Trump there seems to have been a swing back towards ego intelligent leadership as people have looked for more structure and identity affirmation, and protectionism has made a comeback.

Leaders need self-awareness to know if their leadership style is ego or eco intelligent and to decide to what extent they need to adjust their style to find the right balance.

Kerrie Fleming is co-editor of  Inspiring Leadership: Becoming a Dynamic and Engaging Leader, published by Bloomsbury Business Books, 2017, ISBN 978-1-47293-207-5

Hult Ashridge Executive Education helps organizations around the world improve their leadership talent, strategic thinking and organizational culture.

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