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Leading in Volatile and Uncertain Times

Watch Vanderbilt Professor Ranga Ramanujam and Eric Johnson, Dean of Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management for advice in navigating these unprecedented times


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At times of uncertainty and volatility people look for tangible, believable, leadership—and today we are living in unprecedented times that will truly test organizational leadership to the full.

The current Covid-19 crisis and the inevitable economic turbulence that will follow are bound to set extraordinary challenges for business leaders―both in managing the unpredictable day-to-day and in setting strategy for the future.

In this recent webinar Vanderbilt Professor Ranga Ramanujam and Dean Eric Johnson provide various frameworks for leading effectively through Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA) and forging a new path forward.

Their message is that with rapid change comes innovation and new practices that make individuals and organizations stronger and wiser.

Whether you lead a business unit or a large organization this webinar offers advice that can give you the confidence you will need to succeed in these difficult times.

About the speakers

Professor Rangaraj “Ranga” Ramanujam is a leading researcher and consultant on the organizational causes and consequences of operational failures in high-risk work settings. He is co-editor of the Stanford University Press Series ‘High Reliability and Crisis Management’, which focuses on the interconnectedness of what happens when reliable practices are in place and effective or fail and the implications for organizations.

Dean M. Eric Johnson is an experienced leader with a demonstrated history of building programs in higher education. He is skilled in Digital Strategy, Healthcare IT, Leadership, and Public Speaking. As a leader, teacher, and researcher, he brings an infectious enthusiasm to everything he does at Owen, with impressive results.

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