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People rather than brilliant strategy can often be the decisive factor in businesses growth and sustainability. In a competitive business world, it is essential that companies attract, develop, and retain a diverse and talented workforce.

These forthcoming free workshops at Cranfield School of Management address two of the main challenges facing organizations seeking to recruit manage and develop talent.


Inclusive Talent Management - Going Beyond the Norm

Date: 22nd March │Time: 09:00 - 16:00 │Location: Cranfield Campus


The value to the corporate bottom line from inclusivity is well documented, yet we still see limited progress in achieving gender balance in the senior echelons of too many organizations. Talented women enter the workforce in equal proportion to men but the number of women drops off at every level. This event introduces Cranfield’s ground-breaking, holistic, behavioural model which will ensure you can finally move the dial on this challenge.


Hosted by renowned Cranfield experts, these interactive workshops provide the opportunity for you to table your current organizational challenges and to discuss, share and learn from other senior L&D and HR professionals.

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