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Ideas Around Ethical Leadership

Diverse perspectives were key to considering responsible leadership at the FRED Leadership Event in London


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FRED Leadership is an international leadership non-for-profit organization that connects a community of professionals with a shared goal: developing ethical, inclusive, and transformational leadership.

FRED’s annual forum is widely renowned for it’s thought-provoking, comfort-zone-challenging mix of guests, speakers, and indeed members. Minds are focused and thinking heightened by bringing together voices from outside the ‘regular’ executive development sphere. This is the driving force of FRED Leadership and a central factor of its popularity and success.

FRED’s London ‘NeXus’ events stay unerringly true to this winning concept. These half-day events bring together a diversity of ideas and perspectives to generate discussion and further the goal of ethical, or responsible leadership amongst FRED members and, ultimately, well beyond.

This summer FRED’s London NeXus event – hosted at the British Museum in June – included a guided tour of the Edvard Munch paintings and drawings currently being exhibited there. This tour element – which worked as a breakout session between speakers – is a good example of the embracing of different disciplines, and indeed art forms, as a way of unlocking new thinking on management and leadership issues.

The artist was also a carefully chosen link to the mental health and well-being issues that were given prominence on the day as a key theme, in particular by speaker Rob Stephenson of Inside-Out. Here is Rob talking about the leadership challenge of ensuring good mental health and well-being in large organizations:

And you can watch his talk in full here:

Other talks included Justin Bull of UBC Sauder Business School exploring the fascinating idea of ‘Responsible Leadership in an Era of Exponential Change’ – from his area of expertise in sustainable business. You can watch the talk in full here:

And finally, David Crundwell, SVP and Global Head of Communications & Corporate Affairs at Thomson Reuters, talking at his pithy and honest best around his idea that; ‘Everyone is a broadcaster, everyone is a brand’. You can watch the full talk here:

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