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Embracing Sustainable Business

UBC Sauder’s James Tansey and Justin Bull discuss sustainable business models, innovation, and the circular economy in conversation with IEDP


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Over recent decades globalization has led to a huge growth in the size and influence of multinational corporations – many now bigger than entire national economies. At the same time business has been much criticised for its role in the causes of environmental damage.

Paradoxically, the increased power of business puts it in an unprecedented position to offer solutions to the world’s many environmental challenges. What’s more there is now a widespread understanding in the business community that companies need to integrate environmental and social impact into their corporate strategies rather than just focus on profits alone.

How sustainability can make real business and investment sense was the focus of a recent conversation between Prof James Tansey, Director of the Center of Sustainable Innovation and Impact Investing at UBC Sauder School of Business, Dr Justin Bull who leads several programs there, and IEDP’s Roddy Millar.

The conversation took place at London’s ultra-eco-friendly White Collar Factory.

In these three video clips the discussion touched on:

1. How can executives adjust their business models to embrace sustainability?

2. What is the role for business in moving to a balanced economy?

3. What happens when sustainability is embedded in the core of an organization’s innovation drive?

There is now tangible evidence that, through innovation, companies can develop sustainably viable business models that create profitable growth while being environmentally responsible and offering social value. There is also increasing pressure on capital markets to play an important role too, by directing investment to new environmentally beneficial markets. UBC Sauder Business School at the University of British Columbia is at the forefront in promoting responsible leadership and helping companies move to a sustainable business future.

Canada’s UBC Sauder Executive Education is located in the heart of Vancouver’s business district, known for its strong Pacific Rim connections, vibrant multiculturalism and spectacular natural environment surrounded by ocean and mountains.

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