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Digital Learning Journeys [eBook]

An exploration of online learning being pioneered at Vanderbilt Executive Education. Download the complimentary eBook here

Friday 13 October 2017


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In this exclusive and complimentary new ebook four professors at Vanderbilt University's Owen Graduate School of Management show how executive education is adapting to the digital world and how new paradigms of learning can help spread world-class leadership development deep into organizations big and small.

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  • CHAPTER 1: 'Are you doing what you want to do?'

Ranga Ramanujam, Professor of Management on why doing something because you have chosen to do it, not because you let it happen to you - is at the heart of true management effectiveness.

  • CHAPTER 2: 'The future is here'

Eric Johnson, Dean and Professor of Strategy on the positive transformational effects of digital technology on executive education and how it will pan out in future.

  • CHAPTER 3: 'Pioneering the MOOC'

David Owens, Professor for the Practice of Management and Innovation on how online programs reflect the new priorities and habits of a 21st century in which people refuse to be constrained by time or space.

  • CHAPTER 4: 'Ask More Questions'

Brian Griffith, Assistant Clinical Professor of Human and Organizational Behavior on how to take inventory of a person's strenghts and weaknesses, and help them transform that knowledge into personal development.

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