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Algorithmic Business Thinking

MIT Sloan Executive Education’s Paul McDonagh-Smith explains how algorithms and the technologies behind can drive your organization forward


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The gap between the skillsets needed yesterday and those needed tomorrow is being widened by the ways in which algorithms, data, and transformative technologies are reshaping work and how we do it.

In this recorded webinar, MIT Sloan Executive Education’s Paul McDonagh-Smith leads a discussion and Q&A around how algorithmic business thinking can foster exploration, experimentation, and evolution in organizations.

This webinar aims to achieve the following benefits for senior executives and others:

  • Begin to upgrade the way we think about, communicate around, and act upon technology in our companies.
  • Help you understand and apply some key concepts at the heart of transformative technologies.
  • Pull back the “curtain” to show you how algorithms and the technologies on which they are based are built, and how you might use them across your business.

About the Speaker
Paul McDonagh-Smith is a Senior Lecturer in Information Technology at the MIT Sloan School of Management. He is the Faculty Director and teaches in MIT Sloan’s, Digital Learning Strategy and Algorithmic Business Thinking: Hacking Code to Create Value programs. McDonagh-Smith is also the MIT Sloan Office of Executive Education Digital Capability Leader. In this role, he directs the growing portfolio of digital programs; works with the MIT Sloan team to define digital strategy and drives transformative technology experimentation.

MIT Sloan is uniquely positioned at the intersection of technology and business practice, and participants in our programs gain access to MIT’s distinctive blend of intellectual capital and practical, hands-on learning.



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