Agile Leadership for Industry 4.0
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Agile Leadership for Industry 4.0

The ESMT Forum on ‘Agility’ as a key approach for innovation-supporting executives


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Rapid process digitalization and infrastructure modernization are taking place across all organizational domains and in all sectors, as the business world is transformed by the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution. In this environment, executives must learn a new management language, through which they can communicate – to stakeholders internal and external – the priority strategies of agile, integrated, and innovative organizations.

As industry 4.0 takes shape, the business world is becoming increasingly complex, disrupted and uncertain. In order to survive and grow, organizations and their leaders must deliver more innovative products and services on a more frequent basis. They must learn to embrace change and move quickly. Agility is called for today at every level of business and across every industry. Lean management – based upon the principles used in software development and characterized by fewer hierarchies and the ability to respond swiftly – is more relevant than ever before.

REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED for the ESMT Annual Forum – AGILTY Leading in Transition

To prepare for Industry 4.0 organization must ask a series of pressing questions:

  • What we can assume about a future that is increasingly driven by digitalization?
  • What must managers do to face the challenges of an accelerating world in which century-old business models can become obsolete in less than a decade?
  • Why it is important for today’s organizations to prepare (or expect) tomorrow’s leaders and employees to approach business with agility in mind?
  • What kind of leadership is called for to facilitate agility within organizations?
  • How will we measure the success/failure of these new leaders or re-educate older executives vis-à-vis these new priorities?
  • What roles do business schools have in developing/equipping/teaching/guiding agile-thinking leaders?

At this year’s ESMT Annual Forum, keynotes and panel discussions with international experts, decision makers, and academics will focus on these questions and more. Participants will examine the frameworks necessary to enable organizational flexibility and foster innovation. Focused sessions will allow participants to engage with other leaders facing similar challenges and to debate strategies for a competitive and sustainable future.

The ESMT Annual Forum is the school's premier event, providing corporate, political, and academic leaders a platform for in-depth discussion of current global business issues.

REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED for the ESMT Annual Forum – AGILTY Leading in Transition

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