Essentials of Marketing - Program Overview


Essentials of Marketing

Course Dates:
11/10/2017 To 12/10/2017

EUR € 1850

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Companies operating in today’s markets are faced with intense competition, and you need to know the essentials of marketing to deal with this. Competition often comes from new firms that offer propositions that are radically different and difficult to counter. At the same time, new and evolving technological developments, such as social media and mobile telecom, create new opportunities for growth and driving the market. You need to understand the power of marketing in this competitive business environment.  

The two-day Essentials of Marketing programme by RSM Executive Education provides you with a fast, comprehensive understanding of the basic concepts and practices of modern marketing. You will learn and apply the basic techniques of marketing, including promotion, branding, positioning, and targeting customers. You will also investigate business-to-consumer and business-to-business issues.  

The persuasive power of marketing can add value for you and your organisations when you apply it to new products or when creating new markets. Only companies that create and capture real value can build and keep a long-term sustainable position.

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