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First Manage Yourself to Become a Real Leader

VIEWPOINT: Managing yourself is the first critical step on the journey to being a good leader. Rudi Plettinx, Managing Director ...
Date: 24 Apr 2015

Managing the Risk and Reward Equation

PROGRAM NEWS: The Risk and Reward equation is at the heart of all significant business decisions. As economies pick up and the c...
Date: 22 Apr 2015

Applying Innovation Learning

INSIGHT: The business world is awash with advice on innovation these days. It is “the solution” for the ever-changing, fast-movi...
Date: 17 Apr 2015

Spotted By...@IEDP_Knowledge

IEDP focuses on the latest research and knowledge around leadership and management best practice. In this regular section we sel...
Date: 14 Apr 2015

Incentivising Training to Up Productivity

RESEARCH: In a recent speech Confederation of British Industry , Director General, John Cridland said that “Improving skills is ...
Date: 09 Apr 2015

Public Sector Leadership: Conducting a Multi-Rational Orchestra

RESEARCH: In a recent talk Otto Tausk, the Conductor of the St. Gallen Symphony Orchestra, spoke of parallels between conducting...
Date: 07 Apr 2015

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