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Developing Leaders in Dynamic Economies

EVENT REVIEW: “Human motivators are all the same at the core” says Alfredo Jacobo, HR & Organizational Development director ...
Date: 01 Jul 2015

Cisco Spends $10m on Researching Digital Disruption with IMD

RESEARCH NEWS: IMD's Michael Wade is in celebratory mood. This week sees the school host its annual flagship program, Orchestrat...
Date: 26 Jun 2015

Why Doing Bad in Business Is Rarely a Conscious Decision

VIEWPOINT: In the film ‘Margin Call’ a conscious decision is taken at the very top to ‘do bad’ and dump the bank’s toxic assets ...
Date: 24 Jun 2015

Spotted By...@IEDP_Knowledge

IEDP focuses on the latest research and knowledge around leadership and management best practice. In this regular section we sel...
Date: 24 Jun 2015

Leadership Across Borders [Resource Pack]

RESEARCH: While a majority of organizations recognize the need to compete globally, very few have a strategy to develop leaders w...
Date: 23 Jun 2015

Why Tech-Savvy Entrepreneurs Need Leadership Skills

RESEARCH: In a recent report on the impact of leadership and management skills on entrepreneurial enterprises and SMEs, Warwick ...
Date: 22 Jun 2015

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