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HEC Profs Call for Investment Power to the People

VIEWPOINT: Two professors at HEC Paris call for citizens to demand investment policies from their banks, pension funds and other...
Date: 01 Oct 2014

Four Ways to Spur Innovation in a Corporate Environment

RESEARCH: Innovation is as critical to large corporates as it is to start-ups. But as Chicago Booth Professor Michael Gibbs , s...
Date: 25 Sep 2014

Spotted By...@IEDP_Knowledge

IEDP focuses on the latest research and knowledge around leadership and management best practice. In this regular section we sel...
Date: 24 Sep 2014

Women Leaders in Law: Challenges for Female Senior Partners

PROGRAM INSIGHT: Senior partners in professional firms spend 90 per cent of their time serving client needs with their knowledge ...
Date: 24 Sep 2014

12 Keys to Collaborative Organizational Culture

VIEWPOINT: The failure of politicians to collaborate in working for sustained economic goals maybe one of the characteristics of...
Date: 23 Sep 2014

Inspiring Growth at Kellogg

PROVIDER NEWS: When a business school famous for ‘brand’ thinking rethinks its own brand strategy there are some important les...
Date: 22 Sep 2014

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