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A Happy Marriage

PROVIDER NEWS: Mergers between business schools are generally rare events. This month’s confirmation of the long-awaited details...
Date: 07 Oct 2015

October's Three Top Reads from getAbstract

Over 11,000 business books are published every year - an overwhelming choice for the busy professional impossible to take...
Date: 04 Oct 2015

Spotted By...@IEDP_Knowledge

IEDP focuses on the latest research and knowledge around leadership and management best practice. In this regular section we sel...
Date: 30 Sep 2015

VW and the Corporate Values Gap

BOOK REVIEW: In its CSR statement Volkswagen says that: “living up to our social responsibilities is at the core of our corporat...
Date: 28 Sep 2015

The ROI from Investing in Developing People

RESEARCH: A new UK industry Index reveals that large businesses with best-in-class processes for investing in people outperform ...
Date: 25 Sep 2015

Leading Maverick Managers

VIEWPOINT: Innovative thinkers are often mavericks. Rudi Plettinx, Managing Director of Management Centre Europe , says we n...
Date: 23 Sep 2015

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