Schulich Executive Education Center, Schulich School of Business, York University
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Schulich Executive Education Center, Schulich School of Business, York University

Based in Toronto, Canada, the Schulich Executive Education Centre (SEEC) is a world-leader in individual learning and corporate learning

Schulich Executive Education Center, Schulich School of Business, York University

Established 1966

Business School

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Schulich Executive Education Centre

Recognized business authorities such as The Financial Times, Forbes Magazine, BusinessWeek, The Wall Street Journal and The Economist consistently rank the Schulich School of Business among the top business schools in Canada and around the world.  As “Canada’s Global Business School”®, Schulich has an internationally diverse faculty and student body (40% from outside Canada), PhD., International MBA and BBA degree programs, and MBA and BBA specializations in many disciplines.

As a strategic business unit of the Schulich School, the Schulich Executive Education Centre (SEEC) provides lifelong learning for the development of professionals and. We help managers and leaders acquire new knowledge and improve their leadership capacity with executive education programs to build agile organizations for an ever-changing world.

SEEC provides a broad range of executive education courses to sharpen skills for your current role or the one to which you aspire. Our programs for individuals cover all areas of executive training, including management and leadership, business operations, and marketing, sales and retail. SEEC also runs several Centres of Excellence, each with a range of programs aimed at specific skills sets or industries. To guide participants to the best learning choices we have developed a system of Learning Paths – a series of selected programs designed to better equip our participants for the current, or future, role they will play in an organization. An added benefit to studying at SEEC is our University Partners program, which allows our most popular programs in project management and public sector leadership, for example, to be offered across Canada.

Our approach to learning is experiential – participants are exposed to the latest research in their field and taught how to apply it to real-world situations. Whether you are looking for an individual learning program or an organizational solution, SEEC can help.

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Custom Programs and Offerings for Organizations

The Schulich Executive Education Centre (SEEC) provides Custom Programs to more than 100 organizations and 10,000 employees, from Canada and around the world, every year. SEEC Custom Programs offer highly-focused training designed specifically to give your particular employee group the skills and tools necessary to drive organizational success. Participants learn through application, interaction and reflection as they take part in role-play activities, real-work simulations and/or intensive action learning projects.

Each approach reflects the Schulich Executive Education Centre’s (SEEC) unique blend of theory and practice, combining the academic rigour of our faculty with the real-world experience of expert industry practitioners. Depending on the scope, training is conveniently broken down into one or multi-day sessions or events, in residential or non-residential formats, which can be delivered immediately or spread out over several months to minimize workplace disruptions. SEEC’S superior approach to Custom Programs has been developed specifically to address the needs of the individual organization, demands of your industry and your market.

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Discover more about Custom Programs >

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