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GAIA Insights

GAIA Insights pioneers new ways of leadership development and is a niche provider for customized premium solutions. By partnering to truly understand clients’ needs, GAIA Insights designs and deploys highly engaging learning experiences that caters to the aspirations and expectations of the next generation of leaders.

GAIA Insights

Established 2012


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GAIA Insights – Expanding Your Potential

Since GAIA Insights was established in 2012, we have grown into a unique network of partners, each one of them an expert in their respective field. Living and breathing a connected world of work, our core team is spread across five countries and our coaches speak 12 languages – and still counting! We remain a small, but still truly global organization.

Think of working with GAIA Insights as if you were attending a concert: We're like the conductor of a brilliant orchestra. Each musician is a master of their instrument, yet bringing them altogether is when the magic happens.

At GAIA Insights, we help organizations engage, develop and retain talent by offering customized premium solutions in four brand segments:

IMPACT - Sparking Inspiration through thought leadership

ASPIRE - Transforming Talent through life-changing leadership journeys

GOLD - Decoding Engagement through game-oriented learning and development

NEXTGEN – Connecting Generations through dedicated communities and curated content

We personalize life-long learning to develop authentic, courageous, and inclusive leaders to maximize human potential and achieve greater impact together. Our vision is to make the world a better place by shaping corporate leaders to lead from within.

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ASPIRE Transforming Talent


If you could design leadership development that’s 100% customized to your organization- what would it look like?


Think of ASPIRE as a concert Experience

Established leadership programs do not deliver optimal results anymore. So we developed a new approach tailored to the next generation of talent.

Think of our expert facilitators as musicians in an orchestra. Each instrument makes beautiful music when played alone but when you put them all together, that is when they reach their full potential. GAIA Insights is the conductor, ensuring each movement flows seamlessly into the next, to create a highly customized leadership development program with curated content composed for a personalized learner experience.

ASPIRE will support your business strategy because it is based on your requirements and responds to a volatile market environment. More than anything, ASPIRE shapes agile leaders and equips them with the tools to take your business to the next level.

On average, ASPIRE graduates improve their leadership soft skills by 26% according to a self-assessment against a rating scale. Some advance as much as 60%. In most cases, their managers confirm the progress.


Who Should Attend?

ASPIRE is designed for participants who are of high potential caliber and have…

... fluent English skills, both written and spoken

... approximately 10 years’ professional experience

... practice in a leadership role with people responsibility



Participants are taken off the grid so they can focus on themselves. Our venues are culturally unique, authentic and environmentally-friendly. The cuisine is local, organic and offers high performance food, specifically created to allow optimal brain function.

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