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Emerging World

Award winning specialists of immersive leadership development experiences. Helping global businesses and leaders make positive transformations which have positive social impact.

Emerging World

Established 2004


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Emerging World is a specialist leadership development consultancy established in 2004. The company focuses on enabling managers and executives to learn through the experience of applying their skills to support organizations such as NGO’s, small businesses and government agencies operating in the emerging world.

Emerging World seeks to create a world where leaders behave authentically, companies succeed responsibly and everyone can reach their potential.

Today’s complex and volatile globalised world of business requires companies to develop how leaders think and act in order to succeed. At Emerging World, we believe that the world is a classroom and our immersive learning approach uses real life challenges to help develop the vital skills and mindset required to build successful global leaders.

Organizations are increasingly exploring experiential development programs to provide leaders with an opportunity to test their abilities and develop through rapid prototyping in real situations. Companies need specialist support to create impactful programs. Emerging World works in partnership with clients to create challenging, hands-on, immersive learning experiences that address important social challenges and equip current and future leaders with vital skills and a global, holistic mindset.






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At Emerging World, our experience and flexibility in program design enables us to meet the demands of clients with a variety of program formats: 


Open Programs – cross company programs to bring diverse perspectives, which focus on sharing knowledge and ideas to solve real and pressing issues

Custom – we partner with companies to design and deliver, individual and group programs which achieve the specific learning objectives of the individual organization

Modular – immersive experiences that can be integrated into broader leadership development initiatives


Beyond leadership development, we serve our clients by:


Developing programs and inclusive business strategies to connect business objectives with social responsibility

Enabling people and organizations tackling social issues in the emerging world to access skills and perspectives which address the challenges they are facing

Building corporate volunteering programs that incorporate tailored experiential learning to challenge and stretch employees


Emerging World have worked with global leaders in some of the world’s largest and most successful companies. We have won praise and awards for our impact on the delivery of corporate objectives, for catalysing personal change and development among senior leaders and high potentials, and for delivering projects that make real and lasting social impact. Emerging World has a globally distributed core team supported by a global network of experienced and highly specialised colleagues, coaches and trainers.

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