Successful People Management


Successful People Management

Course Dates:
10/09/2018 To 12/09/2018

EUR € 2750

Language of Instruction:

Do you dread giving performance evaluations? Have you ever made a bad selection decision? Do your employees complain about their workload or their pay? If you find these situations challenging or if you fear that your approach may be inconsistent, then this programme is for you.

Learn to deal with your daily leadership challenges

Over three days, RSM’s leadership experts will help you to learn the most effective management approaches for using your leadership qualities in tasks including job analysis and design, recruitment, performance management and training. You will learn the theoretical knowledge and practical tools to handle common leadership situations using the latest scientific insights into management practices, and practice developing your skills during and after the programme. This programme covers a range of topics based on daily leadership, in which you will learn how to formulate and implement a personal leadership plan, avoiding ‘intuitive people management’ and instead practising ‘strategic people management’.

Learning objectives

During the programme, you will:

  • understand best leadership practices based on empirical knowledge
  • develop verbal and non-verbal strategies for challenging conversations
  • formulate a personal plan to help guide your approach to managing people
  • identify common management challenges in job design, selection, performance management and training, and rewards
  • execute your personal leadership plan
  • achieve consistent and effective people management in common challenging situations
  • learn from the experiences of your peers and extend your professional networ

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