Nordic Leadership Expedition - Norway


Nordic Leadership Expedition - Norway

Course Dates:
21/08/2020 To 29/08/2020

EUR € 5500

Language of Instruction:

What are you really made of? Test yourself to your limits – away from the noise of everyday life. The outdoor context and intensive coaching by experts and your peers will help develop your
awareness of your strengths and limitations as a leader. By navigating through unknown terrain in the wilderness of Norway for seven days, you learn how to take the lead, and how to do it more effectively. Improving communication, growing trust, coaching, developing co-ordination and reflection are all part of improving your overall leadership and creating an environment in which everyone can thrive.

Stretch your leadership strengths in the wilderness

People develop into leaders through experiences. You will be challenged physically and emotionally so you can build a strong understanding of your strengths and weaknesses in a unique setting. The Nordic Leadership Expedition is designed by RSM Executive Education and is led by Dr Hannes Leroy, who is passionate about helping leaders to use their authentic selves as a source of leadership strength.

This seven-day programme will provide many learning opportunities for personal growth as you share complex situations with your group in the wilderness, leading to strong connections with your peers and coach, and grow to know yourself better. Insights gained from these close connections form an important part of the leadership course. You’ll learn when to step up, and when to let others lead; it’s about connecting, focus and delegation.

Learning objectives

During this leadership development course in Norway, you will:

  • enter an exercise encountering very real challenges that test your leadership capacity, in which you discover your strengths and weaknesses as team leader
  • learn and share inspiring leadership ideas
  • enjoy lengthy conversations with coaches and 360° feedback from peers to make sense of these results and relate it to your career and life goals
  • enhance your leadership styles and effectiveness: while using a compass to navigate the wilderness, we help you navigate leadership challenges with our RSM Leadership Compass, based on academic and practical insights about what constitutes effective leadership
  • boost your mental and physical health with the personal health coaching you receive from our instructors in preparation for the expedition: your increased personal resilience will help guide you through the stressors of daily life

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