Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Excellence Programme


Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Excellence Programme

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We're currently reviewing the content of Black Belt Excellence Programme. Please note, that the content below is an indication of the programme content and can be subject to change.

RSM and The Lean Six Sigma Company proudly present the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Excellence Programme. It is the most complete Lean Six Sigma training complemented with a high level leadership programme designed by RSM.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt on university level

The Black Belt Excellence Programme is an exclusive training with which you can distinguish yourself on the international labour market. The curriculum comprises of 14 days, of which 11 days focus on Lean Six Sigma and three days will focus on change management and leadership: the two core elements needed to be successful as a Black Belt.

There will be two examination moments. One theory and one practical exam. It is obliged to complete the practical exam for this programme. After completing this Black Belt education, you will be awarded a certificate by both a top-10 European business school and Europe’s largest Lean Six Sigma educator. With this certificate you will show the world that you can manage Lean Six Sigma on a university level.

Key benefits

By participating in this programme you will:

  • Learn how to map and cluster projects
  • Learn about team-based problem-solving
  • Learn how to think strategically
  • Explore and identify the connection between strategy, structure and leadership
  • Understand conflicting organisational demands when implementing Lean Six Sigma
  • Learn how to map, understand and assess key project stakeholders
  • Explore the essence of effective leadership to make Lean SixSigma work
  • Explore an integrative model for change and implementation, putting strategy, organisation and leadership in place

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