High Performance People Skills for Leaders


High Performance People Skills for Leaders

Course Dates:
09/12/2019 To 13/12/2019

USD $ 8300

Language of Instruction:

Significantly enhance your interpersonal problem-solving skills – critical for building effective business relationships and achieving results.

Through a combination of expert knowledge, skills workshops and intensive group and one-to-one coaching, you build on your strengths, learn from others, and discover how to master your weaknesses.


Who is the programme for?

Senior managers, professionals and executives for whom interaction with other people is a key element of their role. Particularly relevant for:

 CEOs, MDs and general managers

 Senior professionals

 Sales and business development professionals

 HR practitioners 



Programme focus

This is an intensive and individually focused exploration of business challenges, including managing upwards, team building, influencing and leading others. We look at


 Insight into others

 Interpersonal problem-solving


Key benefits

 Understand and control the impact you have on people

 Make the most of your unique attributes and manage your risk areas

 Build teamwork between diverse individuals and groups

 Set goals, monitor performance and raise standards

 Acquire critical coaching skills to enable people to realise their potential

 Confront poor performance

 Deal with difficult people

 Influence others in situations where you have limited power

 Communicate your vision up and down your organisation

 Give and receive feedback for maximum impact

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