Henley MSc in Coaching & Behavioural Change


Henley MSc in Coaching & Behavioural Change

Course Dates:
11/12/2020 To 31/05/2023


Language of Instruction:

This triple-accredited, part-time executive coaching programme offers tools, techniques, greater self-awareness and insight into behavioural change.

It is research-driven and led by inspirational tutors, and the in-person workshops at Henley Business School give valuable time for practising new coaching skills and reflection (including coaching supervision).

Alongside an increased range of coaching tools and techniques, you will develop:

  • An understanding of the psychological processes involved in behavioural change and how coaching can be used to support this
  • Expertise and confidence in executive coaching by deepening your understanding of behaviour (your own and others)

Triple accredited: Join a programme recognised by leading coaching organisations

The Henley Professional Certificate in Coaching (part of this MSc) is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), Association for Coaching (AC) and the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC); recognising the quality of the programme experience.

Aligning coaching objectives to business objectives

Organisations are increasingly looking to executive coaching - conducted by both dedicated coaches and line managers – to help their people work through challenging business issues. To contribute effectively, a coach needs the ability to align coaching objectives to business objectives.

The Henley MSc in Coaching and Behavioural Change is unique in its emphasis on the organisational context for executive coaching. For example, programme participants will:

  • Develop the analytical and problem solving skills to facilitate effective coaching of senior managers
  • Develop a practitioner research project (which may focus on a management challenge and business objectives)



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