Henley MA Board Practice and Directorship


Henley MA Board Practice and Directorship

Course Dates:

Programme fee:

Each stage costs £10,000 and you can opt to pay in stages.

  • Postgraduate Certificate (Stage 1): £10,000
  • Postgraduate Diploma (Stages 1 and 2): £20,000
  • Henley MA Board Practice and Directorship (Stages 1, 2 and 3): £30,000

GBP £ 30000

Language of Instruction:

The Henley MA Board Practice and Directorship (MA BPD) is a post-experience, practice-focused programme that aims to enhance your value as a board director.

Focusing on governance and strategic oversight as a board-level stewardship responsibility, the programme provides you with the knowledge and skills to support effective judgements in board-level decision-making and promote longer-term resilient governance.

Each board and the organisational context it faces is unique. As a result, the MA BPD considers what it takes to deliver highly effective boards, director behaviours and governance frameworks across different sectors and settings.

  • Stage 1 of the programme focuses on director development and understanding your board
  • Stage 2 focuses on board dynamics and offers mentoring for you as a director
  • Stage 3 offers more specialist sector expertise (private, public and third sectors), and involves applied research into a real-world board-level governance issue.

The programme is delivered by expert academic faculty, with insights from highly experienced board practitioners. It also draws extensively on the top-team governance research conducted at Henley Business School, which covers more than 19,000 boards across 37 countries. 



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