GDPR Programme


GDPR Programme

Course Dates:
18/09/2018 To 18/09/2018
Overall Programme length: 6-9 months

6 e-learning modules: approximately 10hrs of learning per module (see diagram below)

GBP £ 8495

Language of Instruction:

Developing GDPR professionals: The first step of a successful readiness strategy for organisations

Developed in partnership with GO DPO® in response to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), this part-time programme, prepares you to take the necessary steps to protect business continuity and reputation.

This part-time programme will:

  • Ensure responsible managers take positive, strategic control of the process by turning them into GDPR professionals
  • Aid your organisation in producing actionable change to transition to new legal and commercial ways of working
  • Offer the opportunity to become IAPP accredited by sitting the IAPP examination (included in the programme fee)

Bringing compliance requirements to life for your organisation

The GDPR requires substantial work to assess the regulation detail and implement new controls. Unlike other GDPR training options, which offer information only, this programme presents an applied approach, bringing the GDPR to life and considering how participants’ own organisations will transition to new ways of working.

This is achieved through a blend of interactive workshops and e-learning modules, equipping individuals with a working knowledge of the practical implications of the GDPR which could ultimately avoid heavy fines and reputational damage.

Henley Business School is the only triple-accredited European school to offer such a programme; you can trust that the GDPR Programme will provide not just the technical knowledge necessary but the associated leadership skills needed.



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