Leading Teams for Growth and Change


Leading Teams for Growth and Change

Course Dates:
29/04/2019 To 03/05/2019

USD $ 55000

Language of Instruction:

In an uncertain world, successful organizations not only anticipate and manage change, they drive the direction of change. They are led by agile teams that are able to collaborate, flex and move forward seamlessly together - across departmental units, even during challenging conditions. Propel your team to the next level by bringing them together for workshop-based learning that focuses on tackling a specific change challenge that the organization is facing. You'll align your team both physically and ideologically by testing your teamwork on the water and in the classroom.

Course Overview

Inspire team and organizational success by focusing from the inside out during Aligning Teams for Growth and Change. By working side-by-side through every facet of the program, you'll foster a winning team culture and confidently tackle your specific team challenges during the program and beyond. Your team will leave the program ready to seize growth and change opportunities by pursuing new directions as a unit.

Half of your time will be spent on case analysis, small group workshops and individual & team diagnostics to help your team learn how to communicate and collaborate more effectively. You'll diagnose and solve issues of team dynamics that will allow you to keep your team on track once you return to the office.

Everyday, you'll also get your team working together out on the Potomac River as you row, and ultimately compete, a full racing shell with your organizational team. Led by world champion Dan Lyons, you'll listen, adjust and sweat your way to a new level of teamwork - and a life-long respect for the power of effective collaboration.

Prepare Your Team

This program is designed for participation by seven individuals from an organization, which may or may not work together everyday as a team. You'll register as a team, complete group work as a team and row as a team - leading up to a regatta race at the end of the week against teams from other organizations. As your team discovers new insights throughout each day, you'll come together each evening to apply your learning to your own organizational challenge. Here's what you need to prepare your team:

  • Each team is comprised of a maximum of 7 people. We encourage you to enroll 6-7 people from your organization for a more effective experience.
  • Space in the program is limited to 5 teams, so early registration is recommended.
  • Come to the program prepared to work through a specific change-related challenge facing your team or organization. We'll host a pre-program session to learn more about your challenge and ensure that your team is ready to hit the ground running.

Where You'll Excel

  • Cultivate an environment driven by collaborative, high-performing teams.
  • Visualize and effectively communicate shared goals.
  • Bridge differences between team members and discover which of your personal skills are most helpful in competitive and collaborative situations.
  • Design team structures that maximize output without overextending individuals.
  • Examine and experience the many emotional factors at play during challenging conditions.
  • Assess your team's performance and adjust to maintain consistent high-performance.


  • Diagnosing and Remedying Team Dynamics
  • Coaching for Exemplary Performance
  • Creating a Culture for Paramount Team Functioning
  • Bridging Differences in Teams
  • Learning the Right Lessons from Your Team Experiences
  • The Roles Collaboration and Teamwork Play in Change and Business Growth
  • Secrets for Inspiring Teams
  • How Individual Strengths Blend Into Team High Performance 


You and your team will walk away from Aligning Teams for Growth and Change with:

  • A heightened awareness of your own strengths as a team member
  • A more participatory and collaborative mindset
  • Olympic techniques and concepts for coaching teams, including the ability to inspire commitment, loyalty and pride while striving toward a shared goal
  • A sharpened ability to assess and applaud the talents of individuals and determine which tasks will best suit each team member
  • Ways to build team member potential without sacrificing productivity



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